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Executive conversations

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Mission: Under New Management
Location: Commander's office
Timeline: Mission day 0

The first official duty that Thomas had was to meet with his second in command, to discuss their upcoming duties and to get to know each other. Thomas had read over Commander Chandler's service record. It was impressive, to say the least, so much so that Thomas wondered why the man had taken this job at a rather out of the way starbase. The man had spent the better part of a decade in the special warfare division, an undeniably more exciting field than babysitting dignitaries and diplomats from a dozen hostile or at least unpleasant regimes as they squabble over insignificant deals.

For Thomas, it had been clear. His own command was a step up, and he’d rather run a station than a ship, and in the end, he was a marine first. Wherever they pointed him, he would go. He sat down behind the desk of what was to be his new office, the spartan décor perfect for one who liked neatness and order. He was told he could personalize it but didn’t really have anything to put in it.

He took out the PaDD with last shift’s mission report on it and started going over it while he waited for Commander Chandler to arrive.

Daniel arrived at the Base Commander's office shortly after he received the summons. He rang the chime and entered after receiving permission. He stopped at attention one meter in front of the desk. "Sir, Commander Chandler reports as ordered."

Thomas looked up. "At ease, Commander." He motioned to the chair opposite his desk. "Please, sit down, I'd like to talk to you about our mission here. But first, tell me, how are you settling in?"

Daniel moved to the offered chair, pulling out a PADD as he sat down. "My daughter and I are settling in quite well sir. Thank you for asking. I hope the same is true for you."

A family man. Well, that might explain why the commander left Specwar. Maybe, once they'd gotten to know each other better, Thomas would ask. But for now, business was priority number one. "Sometimes I think my years as a marine made me lose the ability to truly settle. But at least this place is so large it will unlikely get boring fast."

He handed the commander a PADD. "Today's priorities, We're to have enough diplomatic quarters and meeting rooms ready to host the Bajoran-Cardassian talks on mining rights in the Korma system next week, and Grand Nagus Rom is arriving a few days later to open the new official Ferengi Embassy to the Federation." He shook his head. "And then there are the hundreds of smaller requests and demands. Seems like we have our work cut out for us."

Daniel didn't mind the workload ahead of them. Most of the issues could be delegated to various departments with the command section informed by way of a daily staff call. He made a note on his own PADD to have Personnel assign a top notch Yeoman to the command team. "No major issues that can't be addressed in time sir. There is enough lead time on the talks to have Legal research precedence on the Korma system and word has it we should have a specialist arriving in a few days to consult on the Embassy Opening."

Thomas nodded. "Seems you have everything under control" He was satisfied that his first officer was indeed quite competent, though he doubted anything in the universe would make him relax about having a large contingent of Cardassians aboard. There might be a peace treaty, but there had been one six years ago and that hadn't stopped the snakeheads. "Well, I'll leave those to you then, while I get the staff settled. Do you have any questions?"

Daniel shook his head in response to the question posed by Thomas. "Nothing comes to mind at the moment sir." He handed his new Captain back the PADD after transferring the required files to his own. "If you have any questions for me, please ask."

Thomas nodded. "In that case, Commander, you're dismissed. If you need me, you know how to find me." He stood up. "I'll go introduce myself to the senior staff."

Daniel stood up as Thomas did. He gave a slight eyebrow raise at the Captain's true size. "If you don't mind, I would like to join you. I have not had an opportunity to meet the other senior officers yet what with in-processing and getting my daughter squared away for school."

Thomas looked a little surprised at the request but didn't really see an issue with the idea. "Sure, we could do the rounds together, I guess. I just want to make sure the department heads are settling in."

He stood up, then motioned for the door. "Operations will be a good place to start I reckon"



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