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A new home

Posted on Sat Apr 17th, 2021 @ 2:56pm by
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Mission: Under New Management
Location: Main Docking bay
Timeline: Mission day 0

It had been a long and boring journey. That was one of the few things he missed from being a GroPo. As a marine, it was usually a short taxi ride followed by lots of action. Since joining Starfleet he'd made dozens of long boring journeys just to end up somewhere he'd be travelling from a few days later.

That's why he'd been so happy his first real posting in the fleet had been at DS-K7, a very stationary starbase on the Klingon border. He'd enjoyed his service there, and twice rejected a commission of his own. But when the chance to run his own space station had come up, he jumped at it.

So, two and a half weeks travelling from one end of federation space to the other, with three layovers, had brought him to Tzenkhetti space. He looked out of the viewport in his room aboard the faithful old Miranda class ship that had brought him the last leg of his flight. It was sad really. Fifty years ago, these ships had been the pride of the fleet, driving the federation's twin causes of science and exploration. Now they were used for little more than supply runs and taxi service.

Out the window, however, he saw the future. Twelve hundred decks high, most of which would hold massive cargo bays for the various diplomatic and trade delegations that would be gracing the station if all went well. If he did his job correctly, who knew, maybe one day an ascension treaty would be signed here.

He saw that the ship was docking, and rather than wait for any announcements from the crew, he headed up towards the docking area, and as soon as the doors were opened, he passed through, setting his first steps on the great beast, his new home for the foreseeable future and his new charge, New Angel. He wondered what the reasoning behind the name was, but the database had given him no answers.

He followed the path until he reached the central ring, then headed toward the turbo-lifts. Though the station hadn't even received a quarter of its staff yet, it was already bustling with activity, and he was a little overwhelmed at the scale of it all. He stepped into the lift and looked up. “Command and control,” he said with a calmness belying the nervousness he still felt at taking his first real command.

Minutes later he exited the turbo-lift and looked at the massive command and control deck, the hub of activity, the nerve centre of the entire station. He stood up straight as he heard an ensign shout those blighted words. “Captain on deck.” And that made his arrival official, though he would still have to onboard and meet his senior staff.


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