Blink of an eye.

Posted on Sun Jan 23rd, 2022 @ 10:52am by Lieutenant Commander Robert McCord & Fleet Admiral Melonna K'tolvorn & Major General Myers Hanson QC & Captain Kathryn Brenner & Commander Selena "Viper" Tristinay & Crewman Daniel Walker
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Mission: Tears of Nebula
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 1830


Captain Kathryn Brenner sat going over the reports about a weeping Nebula, with stranger properties unfolding on the hour.

This anomaly was fascinating and frightening all on one. She sipped hot ginger tea to settle an uneasy stomach as she watched the holo imagery sent from the USS Thunderchild. Captain T'Arwen's thorough notes made Kathryn even more space sick ... This Nebula arrived in the twinkle of an eye, growing daily and vanishing without warning for hours, then its reappearing as if it'd never left..

Some Scientists in probe ships sent back theory that its created artificially, others believe that this sector of Space is a large galactic nursery for Nebulae....

Tapping her computer holo screen closed she rose and took a strol from her office ... Down to the Ofgicer's viewing laboratory.... Several officers were working on the data, some looking out at the Nebula... The tears falling, the cries mournful and sad, space gases sounding like cries through the Starbase sensor speakers....

Kathryn walked to the sensor station and went over the data....

"All crew report !"

Lt. Cmdr. McCord looked up from his desk situated in his quarters, and hit his Comm button. " Lt. Cmdr. McCord here, standing by!"


Captain Kathryn Brenner, CO. Starbase 222



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By Lieutenant Commander Robert McCord on Sun Apr 3rd, 2022 @ 7:11pm

From his room, Cmdr. McCord sat looking through his duffle bag at the meager possessions he had brought with him to his new post. Suddenly hearing his Commanding Officer call out to everyone to 'report,' he jumped from his desk and slammed his fist on the intercom. " Lt.Commander McCord, reporting!"