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Furry temp command

Posted on Sun Jun 20th, 2021 @ 8:41pm by

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Mission: Under New Management
Location: Starbase New Angel

Tara was put in temp command of the Starbase while the Executive officer Cmdr Chandler was on emergency leave due to a family Emergency, and the was No CO to command as of yet. She checked around all personal to make sure the Station bridge was running perfect and all stations were to report in. From her position as Chief Security-Tactical , to all other stations as well. Tara stood up so she can wag her fluffy caitain Tail , and strtch as well as she looked into space to see how things were quiet.
She Checked in with Engineering and with Space dock to make sure all ships were docked properly,and if any of them that were docked, were ready to shove off for a mission or what.

So everything looked ok no trouble so far everything was running smooth as usual, she wanted to make sure everything was set for whoever captains Starbase New Angel The Starbase was ready to go and in running 100% ready for anything or anyone at their Stations. And the station its self. Tara even did a check on her Security teams as well to make sure no problems on the starbase what so ever ,Tara was running this Starbase Tight and secure case of any unsuspecting company pulling in.

Tara stayed on the bridge the whole entire time...

Lt Tara Rhonn - Richardson
Temp command/2XO/Chief Security
STarbase: New Angel


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