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Unexpected Summoms

Posted on Thu May 20th, 2021 @ 8:33am by

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Mission: Under New Management
Location: Commander's Office, Starbase New Angel

Reviewing everything left behind by his short-term predecessor, Johann Smirtzky was glad the man had been here. It appeared that most functions and preparations were being handled by their respective departments, with little need for oversight, which was of course going to be Commander Chandler's job. Not to say he didn't think he has his work cut out for him, but things were shaping up nicely in the Starbase.

Tapping his comm badge Smirtzky spoke aloud,
**Commander Chandler to the CO's office, I repeat, Commander Chandler to the CO's office**

With his XO summoned for introductions, Smirtzky continued perusing and memorizing the tasks that lay ahead over the following weeks.

Daniel was in the SCIF (sensitive compartmentalized information facility) when the summons came over the communications circuit. He acknowledged the call, secured the terminal he was working at and was in Ops five minutes later. He knocked twice on the clear window panel to the CO's office, looking at the man with Starfleet Captain's insignia sitting at the desk.

Glancing up from his terminal, he smiled. "Enter" said the unfamiliar man curtly, sliding his padd to the side.

Daniel entered the office and posted at attention one pace from the front of Johann's desk. "Commander Chandler reports as ordered."

"Please, have a seat," said Smirtzky, gesturing to the chair next to Commander Chandler. "I'm Captain Johann Von Smirtzky, I just got aboard to replace the Commander. I'd explain his unexpected transfer, but I've been asked not to, at least as of yet. I went over the records of you, and the other senior staff, on my way in, and I'm impressed with what and who I'll be working with."

"I mainly called you here for a quick introduction, though I am actually curious about a personal matter. We can save the briefings until the usual time, unless there's anything urgent I should know about now."

Daniel did have one matter, but it was already in his report for tomorrow's staff meeting. He was curious as to what possible personal concern Johann had with a man he had met not a minute before. "What personal matter would you like to discuss sir?"

"I saw you brought you daughter here with you. Father to father, I have a concern of my own. My daughter, Emilia, has been living in my family's home back on Earth for the past several years while I've been warping all over Federation space. She's only my adoptive daughter, but I love her as my own. "

"The issue is," Smirtzky continued, "in all the discussion of this transfer, I was never sure if I should ask her to move out here for the next several months or not. She'll be starting at the Academy soon, so it seems too short of a time for a move, at least for a civilian. She's never asked to join me out here, but I don't want to miss the chance to actually be a father before she starts her career. Having missed her actual childhood, I've always felt odd about being a parent. Not something I ever expected, but she's all I have left too." He finished, waiting for Daniel's response.

Daniel listened attentively to the man sitting across the desk. He could understand where the man was coming from. He left his wife and daughter for nearly three years during the conflict with the Klingons and the Dominion War. His wife, T'Lana was reassigned from her teaching post at Starfleet Academy prior to the end of the war and became a casualty during the final push to Cardassia. T'Mira had been ten years old when Daniel returned to Earth after the end the war. "Sir, I know how you feel. I don't know what you should do. I took a post at Starfleet Command following the Dominion War. We lived at my parents ranch until coming here a few weeks ago."

Daniel paused as he took a deep breath. "My advice, if you're asking, contact her. Find out what she wants. Perhaps she would be willing to defer entrance at the Academy for a year. She could take courses here if Starfleet is really her calling."

Sighing and visibly relaxing, Johann smiled at that.
"Thank you Daniel. I guess I knew I had to just talk about it with her, but given how in control of her own life she has been, I just worried that if she wanted it she would have asked. I'll talk to her, and probably apologize for not inviting her here sooner. To be honest, I haven't spent enough time with her to know for certain Starfleet is really her decision, or just what she thinks I expect of her."

He chuckled a little. "Heh, first time I summon my First Officer, and it's to discuss family matters. This Starbase may be a military installation, at least moreso than most that we have, but I aim to make sure it's a safe place. For your family, for mine, for everyone that chooses to call New Angel their home."

Daniel smiled briefly. It seemed like a good start to his working relationship with Johann. "I look forward to our working together to accomplish that goal."

"Then I suppose it's time to let you get back to your duties then. And time for me to get back to it, until end of shift at least, then I have a call to make. Dismissed Commander, I have every faith we'll make this Starbase everything Starfleet imagined."

Daniel rose to his feet with a nod to Johann. "Very well sir. I have a few more reports to go over with the SCIF staff. See you in the morning at the staff meeting."

As Daniel reached the door, Smirtsky spoke again. "Oh, and truly, thank you again. I have certainly proven myself as an Officer, and I am confident in my abilities in that regard, but fatherhood, well, I was late to the game, and I still don't always know what to do."

Daniel paused at the door and chuckled. He glanced back at Johann. "There are millions of books, by more species I can count regarding child rearing. None of them have all the answers. Your best bet is too simply do what feels right." He left after his final comment.


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