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on duty on Starbase: New Raven

Posted on Fri Nov 13th, 2020 @ 8:10pm by

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Tara was relaxing in her quarters before its time for her to get ready to head for the Security Office, she was already dressed in uniform with her tail wagging as she got up, and write some security information and hoping it be a quiet day on Starbase New Raven.
Tara then took her padd with her left her quarters and headed for the nearest turbo-lift so she can get to her security office. Tara kept walking as she got on the lift as she called Security so she rode the lift enjoying the ride humming to herself till she got off the lift walking her Caitian feet to her Security office. She walked in with her padd in her hand as she was writing notes on what is to be expected for Security today...

Lt Tara R'honn Richardson
Chief Security
Starbase: New Raven


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