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Serenity fleet Command

Posted on Sun Oct 24th, 2021 @ 6:09pm by

From Serenity fleet Command

Hey Everyone This is flt. Adm Melonna Rowris Speaking I want all Serenity fleet sims to get moving Now... The only exception is Starbase: New
Angel, & USS-Thunderchild, the co of
Both are LOA wrapping up some personal Family Business since her Mom passed away.
Now if I'm on your sim in the Serenity fleet, I will get Rocking with you, I want to get
Sim games moving as of Monday, I'm gonna Startup Firefly: Nightwolf too...
So let's get to work and what Michael Burham said in Discovery: “LETS FLY”!!!

And lets Welcome David White to Starbase: New Angel, and I took my Caitain out and brought in a Klingon who was captured by
the Borg and later on left the Borg collective...(AKA a 7 of 9 type from Voyager)

Flt. Adm Melonna Rowris


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