1. You acknowledge that you are over the age of consent within your country and that you are at least 18 years of age.
2. Please follow directions from admins. Failure to do so will result in sanctions.
3. Predatory and/or harassing behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes The sending of unsolicited graphic images, requesting or the demanding of pictures or other personal info, or repeated requests or demands for RP.
4. Please be aware that there are players of various ethnicities, genders and sexualities in this game, bigotry is not allowed. Actions and language deemed inappropriate will be acted upon.
5. Even though this is a free form game, try not to be too perfect, perfect characters tend to lead to boring stories
6. You are expected to post one (joint),and one regular post story every 14 days, if for some reason you can not make this, please inform command.
7. Do not take the piss. Everyone is here for fun. Heckling or demeaning of other players will be dealt with harshly. Not everyone has perfect knowledge of the game, not everyone is as confident in their writing. Accept this and be happier.
8. Conversely, we do enforce a few requirements. No text speak and try to maintain correct spelling and grammar. Nobody minds mistakes, but make sure that it is clear what you are saying.